mARRRjong - Pirate Mahjong

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mARRRjong is a mahjong game according to classical rules

Pirate Mahjong - play online for free Ahoy Mateys,

this is an exclusive Mahjong game from the Piratechain community for the Piratechain community.
Pirate is an anonymous and secure blockchain for the use of private transactions. Pirate is private by default, there is no publicity, no metadata, so Pirate is one of the most anonymous crypto currencies. Secured by the dPoW security mechanism, Pirate is also one of the most secure coins.
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mAAARjong - The game

Depending on the level, the playing field consists of up to 144 pieces. Please note the following. All pieces are placed at least twice on the field. As in a kind of memory, these must now be played from the playing field. Two identical symbols have to be connected to each other in order to play them from the field. To make matters worse, stones of the same type can only be played from the field if they are free, i.e. not trapped between other stones.

The Pieces

As motives for the stones motives of Piratechain were taken and supplemented by further pirate symbols, like flags, treasure chest, parrots in the cage and swords. While all symbols must be identical, the swords do not have to be. The 4 swords look in all directions. But you can combine every sword, no matter if it looks up or down, left or right, and thus remove the pieces.

Select a level

For now there are 6 different maps to choose from and three different levels of difficulty: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD! The maps are called CLASSIC, MONUMENT, PYRAMIDS, ARENA, FOUR, THE WALL! Choose an easy level if you are not yet an experienced Mahjong player. Choose MEDIUM if you are already experienced. And choose HARD if you are a real pirate. ARRR!

The Menu

You can always restart the game or reshuffle the map. You can play the game in full screen and deactivate the sound. It will show you how many solutions there are left in the game. You can always get a tip, but you don't get any points. You get bonus points by playing fast and removing stones from the playing field before the bonus time has expired.

Compatible with all browsers

The free Majong game is compatible with all browsers and all devices. On mobile devices, you must rotate your device horizontally to play Mahjong.

No blockchain based game

mARRRjong is not a game based on blockchain programming. Although Pirate is a blockchain technology, mARRRjong isn't. The game is a web app programmed in HTML5 and JavaScript. It's a simple Mahjong game without any statistics. A game against the boredom and a game for the pleasure in between.

Credits mARRRjong

The engine is from A company for game development in HTML5 and Javascript. The development and specification comes from seko1900. The graphic in the information comes from